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re-experiencing, reliving - a recurrence of a prior experience; "the reliving of a robust emotion can be therapeutic"

in appearance. Outwardly He's cheerful, but he can be a very disappointed particular person. uitwendig, oënskynlik, uiterlik ظاهِرِيّاً، سَطْحِيّاً външно exteriormente navenek äußerlich udadtil εξωτερικά, φαινομενικάaparentemente väliselt در ظاهر ulkonaisesti en apparence כְּלַפֵי חוּץ बाह्यत: izvana látszólag kelihatannya að ytra útliti in apparenza 表面は 외견상 iš pažiūros, iš išorės ārēji pd lahirnya uiterlijkutvendigna zewnątrz, z pozoru په ظاهره exteriormente în aparenţă внешне; с виду navonok na zunaj spolja utåt, utanpå, till det yttre ที่เห็นภายนอก dıştan 外表上,表面地,外觀上地 на вигляд, зовнішньо بظاہر bề ngoài 外表上,表面地,外观上地

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experience, experience, see - go or Reside by; "We experienced many trials to undergo"; "he noticed action in Viet Nam"

In addition to his attack about the Metelli as well as other customers of the aristocracy, the great Scipio is the object of a censorious criticism on account of a youthful escapade attributed to him.

experience - endure an emotional feeling or be in a particular condition of intellect; "She felt resentful"; "He felt regret"

Portugal, Spain, France, and England were remodeled from small territories into nation-states with centralized authority within the arms of monarchs who ended up in the position to direct and finance overseas exploration.

Appropriately, looking at that our senses occasionally deceive us, I was prepared to suppose that there existed almost nothing seriously these kinds of because they presented to us; and since some Adult men err in reasoning, and fall into paralogisms, even on the simplest issues of geometry, I, certain which i Go On The Road was as open up to error as almost every other, turned down as Bogus many of the reasonings I had hitherto taken for demonstrations; And eventually, when I thought of that the exact same ideas(shows) which we experience when awake could also be experienced after we are asleep, while There exists At the moment not one of them genuine, I supposed that every one the objects (shows) that experienced at any time entered into my intellect when awake, had in them no more truth of the matter than the illusions of my goals.

It was not an Opera night time, and not a soul was giving a party, in order that Beaufort's outing was definitely of a clandestine nature.

Each individual function’s demands are one of a kind, especially With regards to meals and drinks. We don’t limit you to cookie-cutter meals deals. Feel free to request our Outing Menu and let's aid customise a food and drink bundle that fits your group’s wants.

The Protestant Reformation plus the Catholic church’s response in the Counter-Reformation marked the end of several generations of gradual erosion of the strength of the Catholic church along with the climax to inside attempts to reform the church. Protestantism emphasized a private relationship amongst each unique and God without the need for intercession from the institutional church.

They started to glimpse upon a pilgrimage much more like a summer outing, and dressed in their best they rode easily on horseback.

endure - go through; "The chemical undergoes a unexpected modify"; "The fluid undergoes shear"; "undertake an odd sensation"

A third sick effect in the exclusion could be, the depriving the community of the advantage of the experience gained via the chief magistrate inside the physical exercise of his Business.

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